In the Omsk region has opened the polls

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Polling stations at 08.00 local time (05.00 MSK) opened in a single Russian region time zone GMT+3 – the Omsk region, where on Sunday choose their Governor.

Early elections of the Governor of the Omsk region are due to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin in October 2017 signed a decree on termination of powers of the Governor of the region Victor Nazarov, who had held the post since 30 may 2012. The acting was appointed the Deputy of the state Duma from «Fair Russia» Alexander Burkov. In March 2018, Nazarov became a Senator from the region.

In total, the region 9 September scheduled for 29 electoral campaigns, including early elections of the Governor and elections in the local governments of the 17 districts of the Omsk region. Only in the region formed 1744 polling station, of which 451 in the regional center. Will work 28 temporary polling stations.

In the single voting day policing will provide police 2700. They will serve in the surrounding areas of the residential sector, on approach and at polling stations using arch and handheld metal detectors. Of the five districts of the city, two fully equipped by complexes of processing of ballots (COHIBA), the third by almost half. Voting not at the place of residence have applied more than 24 thousand Omsk. Cameras equipped premises all 37 of the territorial commissions, as well as 200 polling stations of Omsk.

Omsk regional election Committee has registered candidates in governors of four people. It acting Governor Alexander Burke (self), member of regional Public chamber Anatoly Solovyov (self), entrepreneur Anton Drasgow («Party of growth») and the Deputy of the city Council of Omsk Alexey Lozhkin (LDPR).

As of 1 July 2018, the number of voters in the Omsk region is 1,531 million of them in Omsk – more than 896 thousand.