In Yugra all polling stations opened normally

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All of 710 polling stations in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district opened in normal mode the 9 September election, said the Chairman of the electoral Commission of the Yugra Denis Korneev.

«The single voting day — the time to form our authorities. The most important day. On the territory of Yugra at 8: 00 all polling stations opened normally. All 710, without incident… as for the activity in the elections, the most interesting question is the turnout in the 10 hours, the first reporting time, when we collect such information. Overall, she made up 5.64% by Yugra on elections of the Governor of the Tyumen region», — told reporters Korneev.

According to him, it is necessary to note that this figure includes the results of early voting — by 1.74%. Among early voters — the head of Ugra Natalia Komarova.

«In comparison with the previous elections of the Governor rates are different, then the figure was more, but data for early voting was higher. If you subtract early voters, in General the same trend, the same importance,» he explained, stressing that complaints and appeals for the opening of polling stations were reported.

Korneyev also said that the elections to the Autonomous district 742 observer claimed that 90% of the locals can observe the electoral process in online mode.

«The number of observers, which I have called, atypical low, because many of them have decided that they will observe the conditions. That is, in the home, not on the site, it is very convenient. In fact, this can deal with any man, and do we use this technology to monitor the situation in areas», — said Korneev.

He also noted that the processing of votes through the use of QR technologies will be noticeably faster than in normal mode. «All the spaces are equipped with the necessary equipment, which allows to use this technology», — said the head of the election Committee of Ugra.

Under current law, residents of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area choose the Governor of the neighboring Tyumen region.

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