Japanese Kabuki theatre will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the framework of the Year of Japan

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite in fotoracconti Japanese Kabuki theater in the stage play «Keisei Charonko» playwright be Monzaemon on the stage of the Mossovet Theatre within the International theatrical festival of A. P. Chekhov in MoscowJapanese Kabuki theatre will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the framework of the Year of Japan© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Mackinderite the image Bank

Performances of the legendary Japanese drama «Seiko Grand Kabuki –be-DZA» will be held in Moscow from 9 to 15 September, and in St.-Petersburg from 19 to 22 September in the Year of Japan in Russia, reported the press service of MMTV them. Chekhov – the organizer of the tour.

Japanese theatre, Kabuki emerged in the 17th century, and cherishes ancient tradition. Modern urban spectator is not looking for in the performances of Kabuki «harmonies of our time», he enjoys theater as such, admires the skill of the actor brought to the Kabuki theatre to the highest limits of perfection. Training begins in early childhood, it includes not only the development of stage movement and stage speech. The actor also needs to be able to dance, to fence with sword and spear, to apply elements of acrobatics, own special ways of presenting voices. Equally important is the manner of wearing the suit, the ability to choose his color, and besides – the art of makeup.

Troupes rarely travel outside of their country. The first ever Kabuki tour abroad took place in Moscow and Leningrad in 1928. The current will mark the 90th anniversary of this memorable event.

Muscovites and Petersburgers will see two performances: «Keisei Charonko and Ushinoya».

The play «Keisei Charonko» created by the playwright be Gozaemon, which is almost officially called the «Japanese Shakespeare». The play is based on a legend about a poor artist of the Tosa school, who from childhood suffered from a stammer that hampered his life.

«Ecinema is a dance interlude michiyuki, which is performed as a separate dance piece, separate from the dramatic parts of the original plays and depicting a hero’s journey. The plot of «Sinama», one of the most beautiful examples Miyuki, is associated with miracles was like a conversation with the characters of the play on the road. The hero’s journey by nature provides a wonderful opportunity for descriptive lyrics, which are illustrated by the choreography. «Ushinoya» is part of one of the most famous Kabuki plays «Yoshitsune and the thousand cherry trees» that tells about the events 1181-1185 years: military operations, Gampa and Yoshitsune of the Minamoto clan and the onset of peace.

The organizer of the project in Russia – the international theatre festival. Chekhov supported by the Department of culture of Moscow. Tour in Saint Petersburg organized jointly with the Bolshoi drama theater. Tovstonogov.