Rudest checked the work of polling stations in Tver

© Photo : press service of the government of Tver oblastyami Tver region Igor Rudenya at a polling station in Tver. September 9, 2018Rudest checked the work of polling stations in Tver© Photo : press service of the government of Tver region

The Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya visited polling stations in two schools of Tver, the press service of the regional government.

Sunday in the Tver region in the framework of the single voting day, residents of the region choosing the state Duma in the Zavolzhsky single-member electoral district No. 180, and of deputies of representative bodies of local self-government. A single day of voting covers the entire territory of the region except the city of Kimry, Kalyazin district, Moscow, Proletarian and Central districts of Tver. Open 955 polling stations.

The head of the region familiarized with the conditions created for the voters, and also checked the observance of safety requirements.

According to regional election Committee, preparations for the Single day of voting was conducted with the participation of the government of the Tver region. Much attention is paid to ensuring safety, uninterrupted power supply to polling stations, comfortable environment for voters. According to farm, with main goal — to provide all conditions for the citizens to conduct elections in strict accordance with the law.According to the electoral Commission that the election was transparent and legitimate, followed more than a thousand observers from candidates and political parties, members of election commissions with deliberative vote and, for the first time in the elections of municipal – level public observers.

In the preparation of polling stations was taken into account the issues of accessibility for all categories of voters, including people with disabilities. On 172 sites help voters older people with children, the visually impaired, with limited mobility have volunteers of the project «Elections available to all.» Training of volunteers was organized jointly by the government and the Electoral Commission of the region.

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