The Director of a zoo of Barnaul voted with her two cubs

© Photo : courtesy of Barnaul toparameter zoo in Barnaul came to the polling station with cubsThe Director of a zoo of Barnaul voted with her two cubs© Photo : courtesy of the Barnaul zoo

Director of the Barnaul zoo Sergey Pisarev on Sunday came to the polling station with three cubs. This Pisarev told RIA Novosti.

In the Altai region, held early elections of the Governor. They were scheduled for September 9 after President Vladimir Putin may 30, 2018, has dismissed the former head of region Alexander Karlin and appointed acting 47-year-old Victor Tomenko, who had previously worked in the government of the Krasnoyarsk territory.

«I have traditionally come to vote on your site of 131 school. Today was not one, but two cubs. Adults and children responded beautifully – photographed and questioned how we are caring for the animals. The mood of the people was great,» said Pisarev.

For Governor expect four people: Andrei Krylov, an entrepreneur, nominated by the «Party of growth», the head of the LDPR faction in the regional legislative Assembly Vladimir Semenov, Deputy Chairman of the economic Committee of the legislative Assembly Lyudmila Suslova («Fair Russia») and acting Governor of the Altai territory Viktor Tomenko («United Russia»).

On the day of elections in the Altai territory are working 1797 polling stations.

According to the Chairman of the electoral Commission of the Altai Krai Irina Akimova, almost 14 thousand inhabitants of the Altai Krai wrote a statement about the elections of the Governor is not on registration, and location, using the service «Mobile voter». Only in the Altai region of 1.8 million voters.

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The Director of a zoo of Barnaul voted with her two cubs© Infografiken voting day in Russia