The number of victims of the earthquake in southwest China has reached 27

© 2018 AFP / Frederick Florin a Seismograph. Archival photoThe number of victims of the earthquake in southwest China has reached 27© 2018 AFP / Frederick Florin

The number of victims in the earthquake of a magnitude of 5.9 occurred on Saturday morning in southwest China’s Yunnan province has risen to 27 people, said the city district government of PU’er.

Earlier it was reported about 14 victims.

The earthquake occurred on Saturday morning in Mizan-Haniska Autonomous County PU’er city district, then seismologists have registered more than 50 aftershocks of varying strength, the magnitude of one exceeds 5. Tremors were felt in 15 towns of the County, mainly in villages and small towns.

It is noted that of the 27 victims, only five were temporarily hospitalized, the rest of the physicians assisted in place. To date, all the injured were discharged from hospitals, to their life threatens nothing.

Local authorities with emergency services quickly established 63 temporary accommodation for residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed. During the day they were installed 668 tents for those who needed a temporary asylum. All rescuers during the day, moved almost 5 thousand local residents of 1315 households in temporary accommodation to relatives.

To date, almost completely restored electricity and communications, almost all roads were under the rubble cleared. Local governments control the supply of food and water to the affected settlements. The earthquake destroyed some of the buildings, many residential single-storey houses collapsed roof, damaged several dozen school buildings.