The organizers of the rally in Thessaloniki accused the police of provocation

© AP Photo / Dimitris TosidisУчастники rally Macedonia is Greece in Thessaloniki. 8 Sep 2018The organizers of the rally in Thessaloniki accused the police of provocation© AP Photo / Dimitris Tosidis

Greek police during a rally «Macedonia is Greece» in Thessaloniki, organized a provocation, one of the outcomes of which were the riots, the police threatened the lives of people, said RIA Novosti the representative of the coordinating Committee of the meeting Michalis Patikas.

A rally in protest against the agreement on the new name of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was dedicated to the opening on Saturday of the International exhibition of Thessaloniki and speech software-speech of the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras. It took place on the embankment near the monument of Alexander the Great in the city centre, a few hundred metres from the exhibition centre, where he performed Tsipras. According to Patsikas, the rally was attended by about 100 thousand people.

During the rally, clashes broke out around a hundred people started throwing stones at police, that response was used in a large number of tear gas. Injured 15 police officers and given first aid, arrested eight people.

«Was the order and desire of the government, which was the moral instigator and Manager of the riots. The first police unit to restore order did not act with the purpose of protection, and offensive against the people», — said Petsikas.

According to him, the police blocked the exits to the waterfront, «wanting to block people where we are going».

«It was a killer, they wanted death, he wanted to throw people into the sea,» — said Petsikas.

He said that the organizers of the riots are members of the «quasi-governmental» structures.

«These one hundred or two hundred people provoked the use of tear gas. We knew and expected. But the police had to act offensive, not defensive. Buses of police were installed where they never were. It shows how the mode Tsipras is afraid of the people», — said Petsikas.

He said that there is evidence, according to which the rioters were the police. «Saw them in a cafe people, and police were chasing those who were in masks, and ordinary people, they had families with children, grandparents. They were used against families with tear gas, to was fear,» said the organizer of the rally.

«The instructions because there were a lot of Americans (the US being the honorary country at the show – ed.) were to disperse,» said Petsikas.

The majority of the Greek population, according to polls, opposed to the name of the neighboring country was the word «Macedonia» is a region North of Greece, and many Greeks believe that no one has the right to use the name of a historical Greek region. In January and February rallies involving hundreds of thousands of people marched in Thessaloniki and Athens.