The plant «Crimean Titan» completely stopped after chemical release

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Illiterate in photobacteria plant closed joint-stock company Crimea Titan. Archival photoThe plant «Crimean Titan» completely stopped after chemical release© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Illiterate the image Bank

The plant «Crimean Titan», kislotostabilen which has caused the chemical release in the North of Crimea, completely stopped its production, reported RIA Novosti, the state Duma Deputy from the Crimea region Michael Sheremet.

The situation with kislotoustoichivam escalated in late August when because of the emission of pollutants on rooftops and the leaves of the trees of the city of Armyansk and the surrounding villages formed the oily coating with yellow tinge. The fourth of September has recorded the maximum allowable concentration of sulfur dioxide in the air. Located next to a chemical plant «Crimean Titan» was decided to stop, stopping was gradual.

«The last furnace stopped on a Sunday afternoon,» — said Sheremet.

According to him, the plant, on behalf of the head of the Republic, will resume only after the modernization and inventory production process.

«The manufacturing process must be established without prejudice to the environment», — said Sheremet.

To normalize the environmental situation was on 7 September. The region returned to natural background. This contributed mainly to the decrease in air temperature and precipitation, which reduced the evaporation of kilocalories. In addition, we began the neutralization of the floating sections of kilocalories using lime mortar.