Traded entity. How much to pay in China for being white

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RIA Novosti, Alexander Forest. Get your hands on a thousand dollars for part-time work in China is quite real, if you’re white and don’t know a word of Chinese. Such in China called laowai, literally — respected by foreigners. This is often used by students, and some visitors turn the game into a «foreign investor» in a permanent source of income. Why are Europeans so popular in China and what they have to do — in the material RIA Novosti.


Now in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai for rent white foreigners, which entered into use about ten years ago, is not so common. But in large industrial centers on laovaev still in great demand.

The fact that a foreigner in China in any event automatically raises its status. If a company can afford foreign employee, so she has good connections in the world and enough money. Therefore, many businesses hire a visiting Europeans for presentations and negotiations.

Expat Mitch Moxley says that earned a thousand dollars per day, representing experts from defunct California company. A similar story was shared by American actor Jonathan Zatkin living in Beijing. He was hired to represent the Vice-President of an Italian jewelry company. All he needed was to fly with several Russian girls models to a small city in Henan province and to speak at the opening ceremony of a jewelry store. However, he paid only $ 300.

«Next to me on stage was the mayor of the city, and I gave a speech about how I’m glad for already ten years work in this company, and how well foreigners are accepted in China,» said Zatkin.

Sometimes laovaev invite a more serious role. For example, the American actor David Garner had a chance to play a doctor. The clinic for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and infertility in Zunyi searched for American specialist in the treatment of prostatitis, so he gave a lecture at the opening ceremony of the new hospital.

In the end the role of the doctor was played by David: accommodation in a Deluxe room and a reward, he read the report, based on data from Wikipedia. The performance of the actor caused a stir among physicians, although during these reports (but Chinese) experts meeting space was either empty, or the audience just slept.

How much the hospital cost of his visit, David said, however claims to get two or three similar proposals every day.


The consequences of this «cultural starvation» are felt even today. For example, the popular British TV series «Downton Abbey», the output to the screens from 2010 to 2015 made in China real sensation: it was viewed over 160 million people.

The result of wealthy Chinese families began to live «like the British aristocracy» — to play Polo and to hire servants of Europeans.

In Chengdu, even opened a branch of the International Academy of butlers. Such schools were already in China, however, due to the «Abbey» there were queues. That, however, is not surprising. Butlers, working in restaurants and at banquets, get about 2.8 thousand dollars a month. A personal Butler is many times more expensive.

And that the salary of the Chinese with a master’s Butler. Their counterparts in Europe earn much more.

Not to say

The policy of «open China» implies they are glad to get any foreigners: they are provided with scholarships, free housing. And pay much more than local.

However, when it comes to hiring psevdoberemennost in the service sector, give preference to Caucasian. And earnings are appropriate. If white rates start at $ 150 for the event, that the natives of Africa, India and South-East Asia receive less than half.