Trutnev proposed to hectares in Chukotka

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotobanka Trutnev. Archival photoTrutnev proposed to hectares in Chukotka© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The Plenipotentiary of the RF President in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev has offered «far Eastern hectare» in Chukotka, he promised to think about it, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

«You should visit the kiosk and get a printed version of your testimony that you are the proud owner of hectares in Chukotka,» — said the representative of the delegation of Chukotka East economic forum during bypass Trutnev exposure of regions of the Far East.

«Thank you, I think,» — said Trutnev.

The program «far Eastern hectare» provides the right of every Russian citizen to receive a land plot up to 1 hectare in the far East for free. In the first year, the applicant must determine the type of use of the site, three years — to declare the development. After five years of uncompensated use of land to obtain ownership or long-term lease.

Fourth Eastern economic forum will be held at the site of the campus of the far Eastern Federal University on island Russian in Vladivostok on September 11-13. MIA «Russia today» is the General information partner of international economic forum.Trutnev proposed to hectares in Chukotka© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotobanka you can use the far Eastern hectare