Yaroshenko complained about the unsanitary conditions in the American prison

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade in photomontage in defense of Konstantin Yaroshenko. Archival photoYaroshenko complained about the unsanitary conditions in the American prison© RIA Novosti / Alexander Wolfparade the image Bank

Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, who is serving a sentence in an American prison, complained of unsanitary conditions, according to NTV.

«Of course, I was not sitting in Russian prisons, but I live here in the full list. Small room and 100 people and 100 people and four toilets. There is no bed here iron bench, welded two angle and sheet metal. There is a small mattress, but no pillow», — quotes NTV Yaroshenko. He noted that he had a second regiment, to jump on which it would be hard due to chronic diseases and poor health.

In August the wife and daughter of Yaroshenko visited him in prison, Danberry. «If I perish here, in these American prisons, of course, it will be a great shock and for my daughter and for my wife. I stay only for them. <…> They certainly gave me faith that everything will be okay, because I know that for me all the time (the wife. — Approx. ed.), beats, fights, and the same daughter,» — said Yaroshenko.

Pilot Yaroshenko was convicted in the United States in 2011 to 20 years in prison on charges in the preparation of the conspiracy to commit delivery of large quantities of drugs into U.S. territory. In the US, the Russian was taken from Liberia, where he was arrested in late may 2010. In April 2016, the court of appeals of new York denied Yaroshenko in the revision of the sentence. The Russian, who denies wrongdoing and calls his case was fabricated, the appeal to the Supreme court of the United States refused.