Yuri Loza believes that the Eurovision song contest is working on the division of Europe

© RIA Novosti / Anton to Blockierte in fotobanka Yuri Loza. Archival photoYuri Loza believes that the Eurovision song contest is working on the division of Europe© RIA Novosti / Anton to Blockierte the image Bank

Eurovision is politicized and works for the separation of «Europe», its organizers have double standards, according to the musician Yuri Loza.

Previously, more than 140 representatives of the sphere of culture and art from different countries, including from Europe, have signed an appeal to the organizers of the Eurovision song contest with a call to deprive Israel of the right to host the song contest. The right to take the song contest Israel was due to the victory of Netta Barzilai on Eurovision in 2018 with the song «Toy».

«I Eurovision to the bulb, the less we try to take it some place, the better. In Ukraine there is a war — they carried out there competition. There every day shooting, so what? The Eurovision double standards everywhere. They change the rules for yourself: you can sing about politics, it is impossible or some may, others cannot. The competition is politicized and works for the division of Europe,» said Vine.

In a statement published on the website of the British newspaper the Guardian, says that «if the Eurovision song contest in 2019 will be held in Israel, while the authorities continue to grossly violate human rights in Palestine, that continued for several decades, we need to declare boycott».

As noted in the message, may 14, «a few days after Israel’s victory in the Eurovision, the Israeli army killed 62 unarmed Palestinian protesters in the Gaza strip, including six children, hundreds of people were injured». Figures of culture and art believe that the European broadcasting Union «has to cancel the contest in Israel in General and move it to another country with fewer human rights violations».

Among the cultural figures who signed the appeal, was one of the founders of the rock band Pink Floyd, Roger waters, British composer and producer Brian Eno, the Danish Director Nils vest, a few of the former contestants and the winner of the Eurovision song contest 1994, Irish singer Charles Mcgettigan.

As previously reported by RIA Novosti with reference to local sources, the representatives of ultra-Orthodox communities of Israel at the beginning of the preparations for the international event have expressed sharp opposition on the opening of Eurovision-2019 in Jerusalem on Saturday, and in connection with the organization of rehearsals in the Eurovision song contest on Saturday. Despite this, the Israeli side is still considering the possibility of Jerusalem as a children’s competition and major events of the Eurovision song contest.