Elections in Sverdlovsk oblast were held without major violations, said Kuyvashev

© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera in fotosensibile in a single day of voting at a polling stationElections in Sverdlovsk oblast were held without major violations, said Kuyvashev© RIA Novosti / barbarian Gertaera the image Bank

Elections in the Sverdlovsk region took place without violations that could affect the results, said the Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev.

«Elections in 15 municipalities of the Middle Urals in a single day of voting took place at high organizational level and with no violations that could affect the results. The results of this campaign talking about a confident victory of the party «United Russia», whose candidates in the whole region has enlisted the support of 66.7% of Sverdlovsk. And in some municipalities for United Russia voted 80 to 95% of voters», — quotes the message of Department of information policy of the Governor Kuyvasheva words.

According to him, Sunday ended with a big election cycle, which started in 2016. «In Russia and in Sverdlovsk region occurred on the final design of the vertical of power, which will perform the installation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to improve the quality of life, the development of key areas of life in our country. I would like to thank the Urals, which yesterday postponed the case, did your civic duty, came to the polling stations and cast their votes for the future of their city or village,» — said the head of the region.

He stressed that special attention was focused on elections in Ekaterinburg city Duma.

«The reason is clear: whether in the Ural capital has developed an effective team depends largely on the future of the entire region. The party of the President of Russia, and here showed a rather serious result. Sure, the Duma of the new convocation, where elected indifferent to the fate of their city, the people, vigorously undertake the boldest and most ambitious development plans. Will work to live in the regional center became more comfortable. The Sverdlovsk region government and I personally are always ready to support important for the cities initiative, to expose to our colleagues the shoulder. Be together to achieve the nearest five-years period was a time of breakthrough for all municipalities of the Sverdlovsk», — concluded the Governor.