FSB detained a member of the IG* who worked for Ukrainian intelligence agencies

© The FSB to Opperate in photobacteria Magomedov, a suspect in planning the murder of one of leaders of DNR. 10 Sep 2018FSB detained a member of the IG* who worked for Ukrainian intelligence agencies© FSB to Opperate the image Bank

In the Smolensk region detained a member of the banned group «Islamic state.»* He was a native of Dagestan Magomedov medzhid.

According to the report, earlier this year, the man came to Ukraine to «address the issues of emissaries* for the resources of the North thugs». There, the detainee met with employees of the SBU and «Right sector»*.

«Magomedov has received from employees of Ukrainian special services assignment for the elimination of the commander of one of divisions of armed forces of the DNI, living in Smolensk region», — stated in the message.

The name of the commander of the DNI, the murder which had been planned for the saboteur, in a press release is not specified.

In preparation for the murder of Magomedov managed to hold.

During the search he found a homemade explosive device with a capacity of 1,5 kg in a trotyl equivalent, and also a pistol with a silencer and ammunition.


Later, the FSB has published video of interrogation Magomedov. From this it follows that the SBU had promised him ten thousand dollars for the removal of living in Smolensk, one of the leaders of the militia DND.

«Esbeushnik called Rustam, offered to get us weapons and may be on the territory of Russia to do any attacks. To understand how we can work with, we were given the first order — the order was in the Smolensk region, said that like it’s some kind of commander of some of the militia DND», — said Magomedov.

The detainee explained that to Ukraine, he moved after the death of Anika Houtaewa, the leader of one of the cells, IG* in Dagestan.

He told how he met with representatives of the «Right sector», which organised him a meeting with the SBU.

«I rented an apartment, gave me coordinates and a photo of this person (the leader of one of the divisions of DNR), I began to walk to explore the street. On 29 August I rented an apartment and after five days esbeushnik Rustam I got a location, photos, when I got there, there was plastic explosive in the future, I had to perfect it under explosive. I was given 300 dollars to move the city and its needs», — said the terrorist.

According to him, if successful he planned to return to Ukraine, where the curators of the SBU has promised to supply all his need for new terrorist attacks in Russia.

From the testimony of the detainee should be that the Ukrainian security services supply of militants* information and weapons to organize terrorist attacks in Russia and eliminate the commanders of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics.

*A terrorist group banned in Russia.