Head of the Kolyma hopes for revision of the standards for roads in the region

© RIA Novosti / Eugene Aminocaproate road works. Archival photoHead of the Kolyma hopes for revision of the standards for roads in the region© RIA Novosti / Evgeny Odinokov

Compare the roads in Magadan region and other regions are wrong, the standards assess the quality of the road surface should change, told reporters, commenting on the results of the state Council, the elected Governor of Kolyma Sergey Nosov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed following the meeting of the state Council in Vladivostok, to finalize the list of instructions and drew the attention of heads of regions and heads of departments on priority development of the Far East.

«We talked about roads, about normativity. Because talking about the state of our roads Magadan or roads of other regions in comparison, perhaps, to speak properly. Because we have a road with a sandy-gravel surface. This is not the standard of the XXI century. Much attention we paid. The question was, and instructions were given. To begin with, of course,» said Nosov.

He added that like other regional leaders, received orders from the President that will perform.

«In discussions was raised the most urgent questions, which sounded at a meeting with voters. Healthcare, roads, and housing. And all the topics that we have raised, should be reflected in the methods that prepare the Federal Ministry… the President reminded that all our programs must be balanced. The number of flights, residents, specialists and so on. There is a lot of work to do and something to think about. Order, the regions received», — said Nosov.

The state Council Presidium meeting was devoted to discussion of measures on realization of the strategic objectives defined by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from may 7, 2018, in order of priority socio-economic development of the Far East.