In Moscow on Monday is expected to be small rains

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in photobacteria crossing the road in the rain in Moscow. Archival photoIn Moscow on Monday is expected to be small rains© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

Cloudy weather with little rain is expected in Moscow on 10 September, the temperature will fall to plus 21 degrees, told RIA Novosti in the weather centre «a Fobos» on Monday.

«Today, the SYNOPTIC situation in the capital region Obukhovets the influence of atmospheric front from the South, causing the clouds congeal, something where you can splash a little rain, the influx of solar heat will be reduced, and daytime temperatures will drop almost to its climatic norm. Day overcast, sometimes light rain is possible,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

The maximum temperature in the city will be 19-21 degrees plus and plus 17-22 in the region. The wind will be North-East at a speed of 3-8 meters per second. Atmospheric pressure will change a little and will be 754 mm Hg.