In the ROC told about the US influence in the Patriarchate of Constantinople

© Photo : the presidential administration Ukrainepresident of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during a meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew I. Archive photoIn the ROC told about the US influence in the Patriarchate of Constantinople© Photo : the presidential administration of Ukraine

USA has a certain influence on the Patriarchate of Constantinople, including political lines, said the Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda, commenting on the recent actions of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople in Ukraine and in the world.

«Of course, the US influence in the Patriarchate of Constantinople exists. And I would say about two lines. One line is directly Diaspora, it is the Greeks who live in the United States, which constituted the flock of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and which, of course, can in their own interests to attempt to, including Church politics. And its influence in the political line. Sometimes these lines are closed,» — said Legoyda, the TV channel «Russia 1».

He drew attention to the fact that one of the appointed Exarch of Patriarch Bartholomew to Kyiv is a Ukrainian citizen. «There can be some specific logic view, but in any case it is part of a General lack of logic. This is a very flagrant violation of the canons — not the Patriarch to send a Bishop is representative without obtaining the consent of the Primate», — said the head of the Synodal Department.

Speaking about the number of the flock of the Ecumenical Patriarchate throughout the world, Legoyda said that in this respect there are different figures, but, according to the most optimistic estimates, is about 5.3 million people, while «more realistic estimates about 4 million.» The most part of the parishioners is in North America (USA and Canada).

On Friday, the Ecumenical Patriarchate announced that «in preparation for the granting of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine» was appointed its Exarch in Kyiv. This decision strongly condemned the Moscow Patriarchate, calling it an intrusion on the canonical territory of other local churches. The Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion said that the Moscow Patriarchate will break Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the event of the giving them the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.