Kim Jong UN praised the message of Putin

© Photo : press service of the head Charkin Jong-UN during a meeting with Valentina Matvienko Phenian. September 9, 2018Kim Jong UN praised the message of Putin© Photo : press service of the head of the DPRK

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN became acquainted with the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about it positively, in response said that it expects Russia’s efforts to weaken U.S. sanctions against the DPRK, said the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, noting that her communication with the head of North Korea was repeated.

Earlier, the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov said that the message of Kim Jong Ynu Putin outlined his position on the Korean settlement.

«He ran (the message of the President of the Russian Federation — ed.) after I handed to him. Then he read, I had the opportunity to communicate with him several times on the move, he said, the message is beautiful,» said Matvienko reporters on his return to Moscow.

She reported that the leader of the DPRK gave his Russian counterpart a verbal message. «He verbally said, asked me to give Mr Putin the best wishes that he appreciates his work and the work of Russia’s support to North Korea, the intention to expand our cooperation, of course, within the framework and conditions in which we are UN sanctions,» — said Matvienko.

According to her, Kim Jong-UN said he expects on Russian efforts to weaken sanctions against the DPRK. «Said that he sees that Russia’s role on the world stage is growing, and Russia has again become a powerful nation he hopes that Russia will make efforts to ease sanctions against North Korea in connection with the steps that they are already doing in the framework of the commitments after the negotiations in Singapore (between the leaders of the DPRK and the U.S. — ed.)», she said.