Parents two millionth resident of Minsk will give an apartment

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate in fotobanka Minsk. Archival photoParents two millionth resident of Minsk will give an apartment© RIA Novosti / Sergey Subtemperate the image Bank

The city authorities will give the apartment to the parents of the two-millionth resident of Minsk, reports Sputnik of Belarus.

Representatives of the city hall on Monday congratulated the women became mothers in the city Day, which was held in Minsk on Saturday. As reported in the city administration, according to calculations, the two millionth Minsk will be born by the end of 2019. The kid’s parents will get a flat.

In the city Day in Minsk came to light 33 children. While boys twice more than girls: 22 and 11 respectively. In General in Republic remains «overweight» in favor of women: 53% of the Belarusian population — women.

The need to increase the population of Belarus pays constant attention to President Alexander Lukashenko. According to the head of state of the Republic can feed a population of 20 million people, but the immediate task, he put the figure at 15 million.