Putin supported the idea to solve the problem of «external causes» of death in DFO

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Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the Deputy Minister of health of Russia Tatyana Yakovleva, in the far East it is necessary to solve the problem of «external cause» mortality.

Yakovlev at the meeting of the RF state Council Presidium on Monday said that the mortality rate of the working population in the Russian Federation in January-July of 2018, lower than in the far East.

«Let’s see what comes first. In Russia in the first place cardiovascular diseases, a feature of the Far East is that or first place, or by distillation with cardiovascular diseases — is external causes. Let’s see if we in Russia, 30.2% of the contribution of mortality are cardiovascular disease, the far East external causes. For example, Amur oblast — 36% the Republic of Sakha — 35%, Sakhalin oblast — 33%, Chukotka — 34%, in the first place external causes — accidents, alcohol and other», — said Yakovlev.

These reasons, according to Yakovleva, it is necessary to solve in the far East.

«I have a question to the rest of the regional leaders: I agree with what the Deputy Minister said? Well, then you have to fulfill. Must work», — said Putin.

Earlier, the President instructed the Ministry of health and the government to take measures to reduce mortality rates in the far East.