Russia may open for IT giants market in exchange for promotion of their companies

© AP Photo / Michel EulerОфис Microsoft. Archival photoRussia may open for IT giants market in exchange for promotion of their companies© AP Photo / Michel Euler

Russia is ready to offer global IT giants projects on its territory in exchange for Russian technological companies in entering foreign markets, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the special representative of the President of the Russian Federation at digital and technological development, Dmitry Peskov, on the eve of the WEF.

He noted that every day holds meetings with business representatives.

«Half of the working day consists of such meetings. A large number of requests coming from global technology companies who are trying to understand their place in the Russian market. And of course, we are actively looking for him,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

In particular, there are negotiations with representatives of Facebook and Instagram, with the SNP, with Microsoft, said Peskov.

«We have a number of joint activities. It is important to determine where we let a foreign company, and where not. It is clear that critical infrastructure must work in the domestic decisions or on the decisions which are based on open source. I think at some point we will have to return to the initiative of the Ministry of communications 2014-2015 investment in the development of open platform solutions, together with colleagues from the BRICS countries. Two or three years ago this did not seem a very promising subject. Now the world has changed, the geopolitical risks have increased, and it is quite a possible joint large infrastructure developments of this type,» — said Peskov.

Sure Russia can cooperate with global companies to access new markets. «If we can use their global platforms for the withdrawal of domestic solutions to global markets, it is a beautiful story in which cooperation is possible. We never have enough money to supply Russian goods on every shelf around the world and is easy to manage SAP, Microsoft or Lego,» said the special representative of the President.

«We can offer global companies package solution — we open for them the share of the domestic market in exchange for cooperation with our technology companies, who are ready to enter the world markets. This is a complex topic, it requires collaboration between regulators, manufacturers and innovators,» said Sands.