The CEC commented on the results of «United Russia» on elections

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary photobacteria in the situation room of the United Russia party to monitor the elections in the polling dayThe CEC commented on the results of «United Russia» on elections© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The head of the CEC of Russia Ella Pamfilova called a dozen regions, and many cities in which «United Russia» passed on 9 September elections in local parliaments according to party lists, are unable to enlist the support of more than half came to the polls voters, and expressed the opinion that the party in power is always helpful to shake things up a bit.

«I think that is very useful for the party in power is always a little bit to shake things up… Where we have «United Russia» received less than half of the votes in the legislative elections in Buryatia, Khakassia, Zabaykalsky Krai, the Rostov region, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Irkutsk, Smolensk, Ulyanovsk, Yaroslavl oblasts, Nenets Autonomous district,» — said Pamfilova on Monday, the information center of the CEC summing up the results of the single voting day.

Speech in this case goes about voting for party lists of candidates for elections of regional parliaments. With regard to the representative bodies of the administrative centers, in several cities of the «United Russia» also received less than 50% of votes in a single constituency. As reported Pamfilova, it is the city of Maykop, Yakutsk, Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk, Belgorod, Novgorod, Ryazan, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen.

At the same time, she said, the EP in this campaign, «behaved very genteelly» and, despite the difficult conditions, was, in her words, a decent number of seats. In particular, according to demonstrated to the CEC of Russia on Monday, the total number of mandates at the EP in the regional legislative Assembly amounted to 472 (as a whole unified and single-mandate constituencies).