The EP promised not to jump to conclusions after the regional elections

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovicha in fotosencibilization vote at their polling station in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Archival photoThe EP promised not to jump to conclusions after the regional elections© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovana the image Bank

«United Russia» will not jump to conclusions on the regions in which it got not the best result in the regional elections, the necessary time for analysis, said the Secretary of General Council of United Russia Andrei Turchak.

«Of course, jumping to conclusions we will not do. The situation in each region is different. Has its own characteristics. Some time must pass to ensure that these insights were profound. Here the main thing — not to commit follies» — said Turchak, answering the question, at what time and what will come out of the party for elections in regions where the result was insufficient.

He added that the primary task is to form factions, to determine the position of the leaders of the faction, with the speakers. «Now will be the distribution of committees, commissions, regional parliaments, so it is now the number one priority,» said Secretary of the General Council.

In the single voting day September 9, direct election of the heads of the 22 regions of Russia, deputies of legislative bodies of the 16 regions and about 5 thousand elections to bodies of local self-government. The second round must pass in four subjects of the Russian Federation.