The lawyer of the passenger emergency Boeing threatened «Taimyr» class action

© Photo : Investigative Committee of Russian Federational Aviakompaniya Utair Boeing 737-800, the flight Moscow — Sochi, has made emergency landing in Sochi. Archive photoThe lawyer of the passenger emergency Boeing threatened «Taimyr» class action© Photo : Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation

The lawyer of the passenger slid into the Sochi river of the plane of Alexey Bushnyak Alexander Karabanov told reporters that he intends to interview other victims and file a class action lawsuit against the airline.

On the night of 1 September in Sochi airport the plane Boeing 737-800 of airlines «UTair» 2002 edition, EN route flight Moscow — Sochi, after landing skidded off a runway and slid into the bed of the river, resulting in collapsed landing gear and wing caught fire one of the engines. According to Rosaviation, the planting machine was carried out in difficult weather conditions.

«Our challenge now is to understand the progress of the investigation and all available means to make sure that those responsible, including officials were punished. My principal has already undergone a course of psychological assistance in the course of emergency, he lost a number of things we want to unite all the victims and participants of the incident with similar problems, to do assessment examination will be known the total amount of the claim – most likely it will be several million rubles», — said Karabanov said at a press conference.

On Board were 164 passengers and six crew members. Criminal case is brought. There were at the time of incident in the plane of the dead is not, however, one airport employee died during emergency heart attack. Injured 18 people, three of them were hospitalized. Later it became known that two of the injured children were discharged from Sochi hospital, and the woman was transferred to the Krasnodar regional clinical hospital No. 1. It was reported that it was successfully operated on, and then go home.

On the third of September the intergovernmental aviation Committee have started decoding of flight recorders of the Boeing 737-800. Their condition experts have called satisfactory.