Cartoons «Mi-mi-bear» and «Leo and TIG» is available on Netflix

© Locomotive (2015)scene from the cartoon mi-Mi-bears. Archive photoCartoons «Mi-mi-bear» and «Leo and TIG» is available on Netflix© the Locomotive (2015)

Children’s TV series project «Mi-mi-bear» and «Leo and TIG» will see subscribers of Netflix from 190 countries, reported on the official website of the animation Studio «Locomotive».

«We are glad to inform that now the audience of 190 countries will be able to watch «Mi-mi-bears» and «Leo and TIG». Both of these animated series became available on Netflix. The transaction was performed by Signal Media», — stated in the message on the website.

Cartoon «Leo and TIG» tells about the friendship of a lion and cub, which together come to know the nature of Primorsky Krai. The series designed for an audience of three. Heroes «mi-Mi-bears», designed for the youngest audience, are a brown bear Cache, white bear Cloud and their friend Fox. Kesha loves gadgets and technology, Cloud exploring the world, and Fox prefers to do the household chores.