Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church urged believers to be principled in their faith

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Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Onufry called on the faithful to remain faithful to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church and not to follow the example of politicians changing one party to another.

Primate addressed the congregation on Tuesday Nasierowska monastery near Kiev after the divine Liturgy on the occasion of the Day of the beheading of John the Baptist, the text of the sermon published on the website of the Ukrainian Church.

«From us, God requires that we give his life, but He wants us to be principled in their faith. So we were not blurred, as policy today in one party, tomorrow another, the day after tomorrow in the third and then — in any. We have one «party», so to speak, is the Church of Christ, the Holy Orthodox Church. And we need to be principled and protect the purity of faith which the Lord gave us through the Holy apostles through the Holy fathers, through our devotees,» said Metropolitan Onufry.

He said that the correct faith is «the right direction in life, which shows people where to go», while «the man who does not have the correct faith, can go to God, but God will not reach».

The Hierarch wished Orthodox Christians to be faithful to God and principled in matters of faith, and to follow the path that is specified in the gospel.

«This path is called narrow, but it is pleasant, it is not bitter. The broad way of sin. There can be a lot of side to side to rush, but there is bitterness everywhere — inside kind of bitterness, sadness, hopelessness. In the narrow way of Christ’s commandments inner joy and inner peace… May the Lord help us to go this way», — concluded the Metropolitan Onufry.

Last Friday, the Ecumenical Patriarchate announced that «in preparation for the granting of autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine» was appointed its Exarch in Kyiv. This decision strongly condemned the Moscow Patriarchate, calling it an intrusion on the canonical territory of other local churches.

The Chairman of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion said that the Moscow Patriarchate will break Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the event of the giving them the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church.