Kadyrov called on scientists to write the true history of the Chechens

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in fotobanka of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Archival photoKadyrov called on scientists to write the true history of the Chechens© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov considers inaccurate the available scientific information about the history of the Chechens and called the participants of the scientific Congress in Grozny, to make a real history of the people.

Last year at the initiative of Kadyrov in Chechnya was created by the national Commission for the study of the history of the Chechen nation and the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Chechens. It included renowned scientists, historians, writers, who began to study the archives, including foreign ones, collecting information about the origin and development of the Chechen ethnos. The work involved scientists from other countries. Members of the Commission reported that it has found hundreds of unexplored archival documents in foreign repositories relating to the history of Chechens, many of which have yet to be translated and studied.

In this framework, in Grozny held the first international scientific Congress «Ethnogenesis and ethnic history of peoples of the Caucasus». It is attended by scientists from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Abkhazia, Jordan, Turkey, Kazakhstan.

«Last year, I began to ask our scientists specific questions about the history, development, origin, language and culture of the Chechens, who are we and how old are we? The answers were different, some were even sent beautiful pictures of Kabardian, Ossetian princes, and persuaded that it is our. I realized that our history no one has studied and reasonable answer to these questions is no. Our task is to make a real, not invented by the agents and pseudo-patriots history of our people,» — Kadyrov said, referring to scientists at the Congress. He stressed that this work gives great importance to and looks forward to the result.

«If we continue this work and lay the Foundation for further research, I’m sure future generations will be grateful to us for it. I believe that the fact that in this hall have gathered an authoritative and scientists are discussing this issue is already a success», — said Kadyrov. According to him, Chechens have always used the enemies of the bellicose character, and this is largely the fault of the Chechens.

«All the times we were not allowed to live, we were drawn into the war, and we always blamed others. In fact, we ourselves are to blame, because I do not find a common language with the peoples who lived around us. We tried to stand out with strength and might, and foes used us. But Akhmad (Kadyrov, the first President of Chechnya — ed.) said that it is time to end this, the Chechens won’t have to die defending other people’s interests, we will bring scientists, academics, athletes, cultural workers», — concluded the head of Chechnya.