Kiriyenko said the elections in local parliaments the apparent victory EP

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First Deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergey Kirienko considers past September 9 elections in regional legislative Assembly and the city councils of the Russian Federation the apparent victory of «United Russia» with all the complexity of the last campaign for the party in power.

«It is clear that the campaign took place in extremely difficult conditions for United Russia, the party in power: the country had just discussed and approved by the State Duma and regional parliaments changes in the pension system,» — said Kiriyenko, speaking at the third Congress of the Russian society of political scientists.

Deputy head of the administration noted that the attitude of most people towards this topic is clear. «We looked at the international experience, anywhere in the world there was no precedent, when after the decision to raise the retirement age of the ruling party, which was involved in making this decision, would be defeated in the next election. This is impossible,» he said.

According to him, the EP «honestly took the full open debate» on the pension reform that affected the forecasts of the election results. He clarified that the reduction of the rating of «United Russia» was approximately 22%.

«The maximum peak (drop) minus 22%, with all the ensuing consequences,» he added.

Thus we can say that the performance of the party in the last elections 9 September — «a totally convincing victory,» said Kiriyenko.

«Of course, is the apparent victory of «United Russia», and such a fine, upstanding, when they are not hiding from the problems, and openly accept discussed any of the most difficult issues,» he said.

The Deputy head of the presidential administration recalled, in particular, that additional elections to the state Duma in all the single member constituencies where the EP has fielded candidates, they won, we are talking about five counties.

In the legislative assemblies of the regions where the September 9 elections were held at this level, the «United Russia», he said, received an average of 60% of the seats.

«In 13 of the 16 legislative Assembly is a clean victory, when only a list of secured control of the legislature. In another legislative Assembly is provided with with single-seat districts, which joined the faction «United Russia». And only two legislatures to gain control of the faction «United Russia» took to form such an Alliance with one or more other parties,» — said Kiriyenko.

Thus, he explained, in all the legislative assemblies that were elected on 9 September, was supervised by the «United Russia». A similar pattern exists in the results of elections in the city Council — «it is also the largest faction and control all the city councils», concluded the Deputy head of the administration.

In the single voting day September 9, direct election of the heads of the 22 regions of Russia, deputies of legislative bodies of the 16 regions and about 5 thousand elections to bodies of local self-government.