Left the post of Director of CBS Leslie Mons will become Advisor of the broadcaster

© AFP 2018 / Robyn Misdirector of television and radio CBS Leslie Mons. Archival photoLeft the post of Director of CBS Leslie Mons will become Advisor of the broadcaster© 2018 AFP / Robyn Beck

Ex-Director of television and radio CBS Leslie Muns, who left the post amid allegations of sexual harassment, will become the Advisor of the broadcaster, said in a statement to the Commission, US securities and exchange Commission (SEC).

«Muns agreed to provide consulting services to the company within one year from the date of his resignation (or less, up to the date when the Board of Directors determines that the company has the right to terminate the service for any reason) to ensure a smooth transition of his duties. Moons will also do office work and services for the security for a period of up to two years», — said in a statement.

Earlier edition of the New Yorker accused of Munsa of sexual harassment, stalking, and intimidation of six women and poor treatment by many women colleagues. These women told the newspaper that Mows sexually harassed them, and when they refused, «he threatened him with physical violence and threatened to destroy their career.» According to the women, all cases of harassment occurred in the period between 1980-2000 years.

Later in the New Yorker published an article with allegations from six women. At the moment, about the harassment on the part of Munsa in the General account said 12 alleged victims.

Even after the publication of the first article, the Board of the CBS Corporation began investigating «allegations are barred in several decades.» He Mows denied guilt and acknowledged relationships with three of these women, noting that they were based on mutual consent.

Broadcaster CBS reported that Muns and CBS will donate $ 20 million to one or more organizations that support the movement #MeToo condemning sexual harassment.