Macedonian Academy of arts and Sciences approved the agreement with Greece on renaming the country

© 2018 AFP / Robert Atanasovski Flag of Macedonia. Archival photoMacedonian Academy of arts and Sciences approved the agreement with Greece on renaming the country© 2018 AFP / Robert Atanasovski

Macedonian Academy of Sciences and arts (MANU), the largest scientific organization in the country, on Tuesday approved signed by Skopje and Athens the agreement on the renaming of the former Yugoslav Republic.

The foreign Ministers of Greece and Macedonia in June signed an agreement on the new constitutional name of the country — the Republic of North Macedonia. The Advisory referendum on the renaming will be held in Macedonia on 30 September. Lasted for more than 25 years of dispute about the name between Greece and Macedonia prevented the admission of the latter into NATO and the European Union. Greece demanded to change the name of the neighboring Republic, that it is not confused with the Greek region of Macedonia.

During scientific debates in front of MANU on Tuesday, several dozen activists protested against the Treaty with Greece. Along with academics inside were the US Ambassador Jess Bailey, Deputy Prime Minister for European integration Bujar Osmani and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who eventually personally announced a written opinion of the scientific community, reports the national Agency MIA.

«Our position is that we have good, respectful of the dignity of a contract that confirms the identity and guarantees our future. Our arguments – clear and unequivocal confirmation of the Macedonian language and Macedonian identity. Macedonians, Macedonian, Macedonian, Macedonian as in the domestic use and transfer abroad, without restrictions on all languages of the world,» read the opinion of scientists the initiator of the contract Zaev, who leads the Agency.

«Greece have recognized our identity,» he emphasized the output of academics.

Macedonia last week, has experienced an influx of high-ranking European guests in connection with appointed on 30 September referendum about renaming of the former Yugoslav Republic to the Republic of Northern Macedonia, in the framework of the signed in June the agreement with Greece.

Last Wednesday and Thursday in Skopje was visited by the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, on Friday, Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz, on Saturday on a public holiday, the independence Day has arrived German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The country is also visited in September, the foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. All of them are directly or indirectly urged citizens to vote in the upcoming plebiscite for the renaming of the country, which leads to admission to the Alliance.

Stoltenberg said the NATO summit in Brussels on 11 July that the leaders of all 29 member countries officially invited Macedonia to join the Alliance. He said that «as soon as Macedonia will make the necessary changes to the Constitution will officially invite the country to join NATO under the new name — the Republic of North Macedonia». After signing the Protocol on accession to NATO it will have to be ratified by the parliaments of all 29 countries of the Alliance.

After administration of Macedonia out of NATO will be only two Balkan countries: Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Traditionally Russia is against NATO expansion, calling it a threat to its national security. At the same time Moscow also categorically rejects accusations of interference in the Affairs of other countries.