«No more than two liters a day»: how much and what to drink Orthodox

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On the day of the beheading of John the Baptist strict fasting for Orthodox believers remember how the drunken feast in the Royal Palace was killed by the forerunner of Christ. In Russia even closed wine shop so that people could reflect on the dangers of alcohol. Is it a sin to drink, how many times per week can drinking alcohol the Church canons and when to stop, understood the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

John the Baptist is the most venerated in Christendom after the Holy virgin Mary. The ruler of Galilee Herod Antipas put him in prison for being too bold reproof. However, to do him great evil Herod did not want: he was afraid of the wrath of God for killing the prophet, whom earlier he obeyed, afraid of the people. And nevertheless gave the order to behead John — the king in front of the guests swore to fulfill any wish he liked dancers, and she wished the Baptist’s head on a platter.

Most decent Herod

«History of St. John the Baptist says not to fornicate and bad rash promise, and not that drinking is bad. Orthodoxy does not deny the use of alcohol. In wine there is no sin, otherwise the Lord would have turned water into wine at the wedding, and would have done exactly the opposite. But there is a sin in any malicious use, therefore, the Church clearly reglamentary when you can drink wine. In one of the chapters of the Typicon (liturgical Charter with the instructions on the Commission of holidays, posts, meals and other aspects of monastic life) is the mark of «good monk, don’t drink wine at all» — not a ban, and praise an ascetic feat,» says the priest IBAS, instead (Senchukov), known in the Orthodox Internet connoisseur of gastronomy.

The more unacceptable, he said, to combine drinking wine with debauchery. «Herod-that was good, actually the most decent of all Herod described in the New Testament. He respected John, loved spending time with him in conversations. But, taking his mistress the wife of his brother, he gets drunk, gives drunken vows, and, again, he is a man of words, is also good quality, — commits a murder. And turning into that Herod, who executed babies. Most people they don’t even distinguish,» continues the priest.

Holidays in the Orthodox calendar a lot. There is even a joke: «you Have a holiday every day.» However, fast days abound. So when you can drink?

«Wine is forbidden on fast days when not allowed the oil (oil). This is the most days of Great lent and Dormition fast, some of the other posts, every Wednesday and Friday, if they don’t get a great or average holiday. There is a particularly specified days, for example, when wine, but not the oil. For example, on Great Saturday before Easter allowed to drink one wine brasovului to maintain strength», lists father IBAS, instead.

The monk and the beer tower

The posts are all generally interesting. Their severity varies from complete prohibition to eat and drink (like the first day of lent) to the «cheese-fare week», when it is allowed to eat everything, except meat and drink without restrictions. Sometimes wine with fish, and sometimes only bread and water.

Most importantly, says the priest, to be aware of why you drink wine. And still — to enjoy the taste of the product was not predominant desire, that’s why in the Orthodox tradition there is the sin of gortnasate, simply- gourmet.

«Your life should not become in search of Goodies. Why, for example, in Russia to drink Armagnac? Is that you, besides him, nothing consumed. One thing, as I said, a glass of local wine on the Mediterranean sea. But if you’re sitting behind the garage and whip the proverbial Armagnac from the bottle, then you’re just drunk, that instead of vodka suddenly get something decent. And no fullness of being, the one completeness of drunkenness,» — concludes monk.