RAS will help the Article to explore and extract natural resources

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Russian Academy of Sciences and Rosgeologia signed on Tuesday at the Eastern economic forum a cooperation agreement aimed at the development of the role of science in the study and development of natural resources.

Signatures under the document have put the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev, the head of Rosgeologia Roman Panov.

«The agreement we signed, on the one hand to consider as a framework. But actually now a lot of tasks that merely need to initiate and solved in the framework of cooperation between the subsidiary of rosgeologia and the Russian Academy of Sciences», — said Sergeev.

According to him, now in the world actively working on the creation of new technologies for exploration and mining, which require fundamental research.

As an example, Sergeev brought the exploration of the depths of the oceans. According to the head wounds, the day is near when mining deep-sea resources will be completely a lot of equipment. «We cannot in any way be missed. And the creation of new machines that could do deep-sea mining, is one of the issues that we must address jointly with the drilling operations,» — said Sergeyev.

«Without fundamental knowledge that is accumulated by the academic community, without the support of the Academy of Sciences implementation of our large programs is impossible. We Academy of Sciences have been working long enough and very productive. And the current agreement extends the boundaries of this interaction», — said Panov.

Fourth Eastern economic forum will be held at the site of the far Eastern Federal University campus on the Russian island on September 11-13. MIA «Russia today» is the General information partner of the WEF.

RAS will help the Article to explore and extract natural resourcesIV international economic forum