Sadovnichy told why it is important to build the main military Church

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The main temple of the Russian Armed forces in the Park «Patriot» meets the aspirations and sentiments of the Russians, said the rector of Moscow state University academician Viktor Sadovnichy.

He noted that the history of the Russian state is inextricably linked with the memory of the people about his soldiers-defenders, so across the country built many monuments and temples where the people, descendants came to venerate the defenders and recall the history of the state.

«The idea to build a temple in the Park «Patriot» really meets the spirit of the people, the moods, as in a lovely Park, which is already so well established, will be built a temple, which is devoted to soldiers-defenders and become the center of education», — said Sadovnichy told reporters.

He stressed that it is not just a temple but an educational center, which will serve as a powerful incentive for young people to study the history of their homeland.

«The construction of the Church approved by the Holy Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill, General of the army Sergei Shoigu, and people are beginning to raise funds. The temple is built on the people’s money and think it will be another very worthy monument to our history that will reflect the power, the power of our state, our army and serve educational purposes», — said the academician.

«Very timely, and I am sure that it will take ten to twenty years, and people will thank its creators for the fact that it exists and is great, light goal,» he continued.

Sadovnichy recalled the period of restoration of the temple of the Holy Martyr Tatiana at Moscow University. «It was also a turning time of the 90-ies, when the decision was made to restore this Church. There were different points of view, but the temple serves as a spiritual center for the education of young people», — concluded the rector.