The turnout in the elections of the Russian President became a phenomenon, said Kiriyenko

© RIA Novosti / Nina Sociability in photobacteria Kiriyenko. Archival photoThe turnout in the elections of the Russian President became a phenomenon, said Kiriyenko© RIA Novosti news Agency / Nina Sociability the image Bank

The turnout for the presidential election on March 18, became a phenomenon, but all possible conversations about the use of administrative resources and technologies of transportation of voters was «killed» in queue for hours at stations outside of Russia, where no administrative resource was not close, said the first Deputy head of presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kirienko.

Speaking at the third Congress of the Russian society of political scientists on Tuesday, he said that last March 18, the Russian presidential election is different from the «incredible turnout». On the background of the conversations that people have lost interest in politics that politics ceases to be real and not responding to requests of citizens, these elections showed almost 68% of the active participation of citizens, said the official.

«This level of turnout in presidential elections is also phenomenon. We understand that, apparently, immediately begin the conversation that it’s some kind of administrative resource, technology of transportation, but it won’t queue for hours at polling stations outside the Russian Federation. It’s clear that neither in London nor in tel Aviv, nor in Paris nor in new York or in Thailand no one at the polls people did not ride buses, no administrative resource was not there closely,» — said Kiriyenko.

But the queue, which stretched for several blocks, and people that are up to four hours standing in those queues to vote, were, according to him, the new reality that these elections have shown.

He drew attention to the fact that high voter turnout in major cities, although almost all analysts are convinced that in big cities it is impossible.

«Classic election in new York is 22-24%, the turnout in Moscow and St. Petersburg under 60% or over 60% — is also effects shown the presidential elections in Russia this year,» — said Kiriyenko.