The UN has said that follow the investigation of an air leak on the ISS

© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemievskoye space ship Soyuz. Archive photoThe UN has said that follow the investigation of an air leak on the ISS© Photo : Roscosmos/Oleg Artemides to daily updates RIA Science

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The office for outer space Affairs the UN is closely monitoring the situation around the air leak on the ISS, which occurred a week and a half ago, said RIA Novosti Director Simonetta Di Pippo.

ISS 30 Aug discovered on Board the ship «Soyuz MS-09» a hole through which the station left the air. The evening of the same day on the advice of mission control Center, Russian cosmonauts went to fill the hole with sealant, but the commander of the crew of U.S. astronaut Andrew Feustel in negotiations with the Land expressed the opinion that haste is better to wait until the next day to give the experts time to think. In the suburban MCC decided to act immediately, and the astronauts successfully sealed the hole.

«Of course, we are watching very carefully everything that happens in space, particularly the ISS. ISS — one of the models of international cooperation, therefore, we have established very strong ties with the ISS,» said Di Pippo on the sidelines of the first UN conference on space law and space policy in Moscow, responding to a question.

However, Di Pippo said that the office for outer space Affairs UN is not officially involved in the investigation of the incident.

As reported by the RIA Novosti source, an internal investigation of RSC Energia, the manufacturer of the ship, admitted the premeditation and man-made holes from the drill, but was unable to find the perpetrators.