Yaroshenko intends to fight for his release, said his wife

© RIA to Novoshepelychi in fotoracconti pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko. Archival photoYaroshenko intends to fight for his release, said his wife© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko, sentenced to 20 years in prison in the United States, intends to fight for his release, told journalists his wife Victoria.

The wife and daughter of Yaroshenko in August came to the US to visit him for the first time in seven years. They have held 12 meetings over three weeks. On Tuesday, Yaroshenko’s family returned to Russia.

«Constantine is not going to sit idly by — he was very sad, the man who didn’t do anything — it just stole from the territory of another country,» said Victoria.

«Kostya said, «I will not be silent, I already ruined nine years,» he will defend their rights,» added his wife.

She also explained that to come again in a short time can not, because the US gave them a daughter and a visa for a year, but with the possibility of one-time entry.

«Financial we also overspend, of course, but following a visa to still plan, all of a sudden need to come,» said Victoria.

Pilot Yaroshenko was convicted in the United States in 2011 to 20 years in prison on charges in the preparation of the conspiracy to commit delivery of large quantities of drugs into U.S. territory. In the US, the Russian was taken from Liberia, where he was arrested in late may 2010. In April 2016, the court of appeals of new York denied Yaroshenko in the revision of the sentence. The appeal to the Supreme court of the United States, he refused. Yaroshenko 24 August for the first time in seven years, met his family: his wife and daughter arrived in the United States and visited him in prison in Danbury, Connecticut.