CEC continues to work on expanding the idea of «vote anywhere»

© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovicha in fotosencibilization vote at their polling station in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Archival photoCEC continues to work on expanding the idea of «vote anywhere»© RIA Novosti / Roman to Vladimirovana the image Bank

The Russian Central election Commission continues to work on expanding the implementation of the idea of «vote anywhere», which built the new voting system in place of the actual location «mobile voter,» said Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina.

«Since we are discussing topics regarding «mobile voter,» I’d like to note that we in the CEC are working on and continue to study the extension of this idea «vote, where it is convenient,» said Grishin in Wednesday in the round table on the results of the elections to the Public chamber.

According to her, a difficult question remains about how this idea can be implemented in small electoral districts, and so that was not a violation of the guarantee of transparency and accuracy, as well as the efficiency of counting of votes.

«For example, (Deputy head of the CEC) Nikolai Bulaev expressed the position that can be created within regions in a single day of voting some generic areas, where a citizen could file a voice that would be counted towards its corresponding region in the elections», — said the CEC Secretary.

She noted that, given the logistics of the movement of ballots and protocols on the voting results, in this case, there should be some horizontal links between regions, so that these data and documents came to the sum of the results in the respective region.

«The world practice knows the institutions remote voting, which are elements of either postal voting that we have not really caught on, or the electronic vote. Probably to ensure the supply of voice once and in the appropriate County, without a unified electronic database of voters and the electronic certificate is a global solution of this problem is impossible», — said the representative of the CEC.

She added that world experience on this topic is available.

«You can learn, improve, and implement if there is political will and technical solutions», — said Grishin.

Among the innovations of the elections, in addition to the so-called «country» polling stations — the use of «Mobile voter,» which is a voter’s opportunity to vote on the actual location, not registration.

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