Galina Zolina resigned as rector of Timiryazevka

CC BY 3.0 / Prefecture of the Northern administrative district / Russian state agrarian University — MTAA named after Timiryazev Galina Zolina. Archival photoGalina Zolina resigned as rector of TimiryazevkaCC BY 3.0 / Prefecture of the Northern administrative district /

Galina Zolina leaves a post of the rector of the Russian state agrarian University — MTAA named after Timiryazev in connection with transfer to another job, the press service of the University.

«Today concludes a period of work Galina Zolina as rector of the glorious Timiryazevka – Russian state agrarian University – MAA named after Timiryazev», — stated in the message.

Zolina worked as a rector of the University for almost two years.

At the end of March 2016, it became known that the Commission of the government of the Russian Federation on housing reports for residential development the RHD Foundation land in Moscow owned by Timiryazev Academy, with an area of over 100 hectares. The University was planned instead, to provide additional suburban land and monetary compensation in the amount of about RUR 7 billion.

The Academy staff strongly opposed the transfer of land for development. In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line said that the land Timiryazev agricultural Academy, transferred to the RHD Foundation for construction, should be left alone. However, he noted that the University should use its land efficiently.

Rectors of Russian agricultural universities wrote an open letter in defense of Zolina and called all unfounded accusations in her direction in the transmission field of the Academy for construction, which appeared in social networks and the media.

The representative of the Agency for housing mortgage lending (AHML) reported RIA Property that is already held in spring 2016 meeting with the teaching staff of the University all actions to involve this area in the circulation has been suspended by the Agency. In January 2017, seller has asked the state Commission to reconsider the inclusion of land of 100 hectares on the territory of the Timiryazev Academy in turnover for housing construction, proposing to include the possibility of use of this site solely for scientific purposes of the Academy.