If someone on the ISS is ill, it would be no problem returned to Earth, said the expert

© Photo : Roscosmos / Oleg Artemievskoye Union MS-09 c members of the ISS-56/57If someone on the ISS is ill, it would be no problem returned to Earth, said the expert© Photo : Roscosmos / Oleg Artemides to daily updates RIA Science

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If one of the members of the ISS crew is really sick, the Soyuz spacecraft with three cosmonauts and astronauts extra would have returned to Earth, but reputational losses would not be according to the member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Andrei Ionin.

Previously, the newspaper «Kommersant» reported, citing an anonymous source, that the hole in the «Union MS-09» was formed ostensibly as a result of «deliberate action of American astronauts». According to the publication, one of the astronauts got ill, and returning crew would allow him to get proper medical care.

«(If this were so), the crew would have gone down and said that everything is fine, in which case you can return, so the security is observed. It would be confirmation of the decisions on security that are adopted,» said Jonas RIA Novosti.

Unplanned return of the crew to condition one of the participants, of course, would entail changes in the programme of work of the station, but it would not be so important on the background of the importance of human life, said the expert.

In his opinion, the situation «could be beat in a positive way, to show that human life is most important and there are solutions that allow him not to die in orbit, and safely return to Earth.»

Such cases have already occurred in the Soviet space stations, reminded the expert.

Air leaks on the ISS found almost two weeks ago, on the night of August 30. The crew checked all compartments and found, according to Rogozin, the «hairline fracture» in the spacecraft «Soyuz MS-09». It was located in the living compartment, not in the descent module, so do not threaten the return of the spacecraft to the Ground.

Subsequently, two source RIA Novosti reported that the reason for the leak was probably a manufacturing defect — drilled on the Earth hole in the inner hull. While earlier it was believed that the crack formed due to the penetration of the micrometeoroid.

An internal investigation of RSC Energia, the manufacturer of the ship, admitted the premeditation and man-made holes from the drill, but was unable to find the culprits, pointed out another source of the Agency.