In Peru, the head of the «shining path Sendero» was sentenced to one life term

© AFP 2018 / Cris BouroncleПолиция in Peru. Archival photoIn Peru, the head of the «shining path Sendero» was sentenced to one life term© 2018 AFP / Cris Bouroncle

A Peruvian court on Tuesday sentenced the leaders of the Maoist group «shining path, Sendero», including its Chapter 83-year-old Abimael Guzman, to another life term.

Only the sentence imposed, ten members of the former leadership, «shining path Sendero» for the preparation and implementation of a terrorist act in July 1992 Tarata street in Lima’s district of Miraflores, when the explosion of the machine, 25 people were killed and 155 were injured, according to the portal Comercio.

Also found guilty will have to pay the 2 million soles (approximately 606 thousand United States dollars) as compensation to the victims of this crime.

While two of the accused were not sentenced to prison – one of them because of the departure of 15-year punishment, the other – due to the fact that fled abroad and is now in France.

Group «shining path, Sendero» was created by guzmán in 1960. It included mostly University teachers and students of one of the poorest Peruvian departments (now regions). In may 1980, the organization moved to armed guerrilla warfare against the authorities. In 1992, Guzman was captured during the RAID, he had previously been sentenced to life in prison for terrorism.