In the state Duma said about the need to expand the category of self-employed people

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich in photobacteria of the state Duma of the Russian Federation. Archival photoIn the state Duma said about the need to expand the category of self-employed people© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich the image Bank

The category of self-employed people should be expanded to include not only nannies and Tutors, told journalists the Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov, Recalling that in the discussion of changes in pension legislation were raised the important question of how the reduction of informal employment.

«We have statistics 82 million working population and the working population that pay the premiums, only 52 million. It is, in fact, what he was talking about business and trade unions — need to do everything in order to withdraw from the shadows of those who are not registered, do not pay any taxes or fees and thereby substantially increases the burden on our businesses and on those who act in the legal sector», — said Makarov.

In this regard, according to him, of particular importance is the issue of regulation of this sector as self-employed. «While the name is provisional, but most importantly, there is need for greater opportunities for the application of such a regime, and that he was concerned not only with nurses, Tutors, as it is now, and that he touched all spectrums of human activity, which they can easily earn,» — said the Deputy.

Thus, in his opinion, the tax treatment of self-employed people should be absolutely not burdensome. «Should be as simple as mode of payment (tax — ed.) and, most importantly, to the people here knew exactly what was paying absolutely easy for them the amount they can protect themselves from «raids» of any unscrupulous government or law enforcement agencies», — said the head of the budget Committee.

He noted that the bill on taxation of self-employed people prepared during almost the entire summer and now «is in a very high degree of maturity». The Deputy hopes that the state Duma will be able to finalize it during the autumn session.

«Resolved, that in this mode, we will implement a pilot version during 2019 in four regions: Moscow, Moscow oblast, Tatarstan Republic and Kaluga oblast, i.e. in those regions that best way to date ready for its application», — said Mr. Makarov.