Kostroma authorities advocate the creation of rural school boarding schools

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Paleotolerance in fotobiennale academic year in Krasnoyarsk regionKostroma authorities advocate the creation of rural school boarding schools© RIA Novosti / Alexander Paleotolerance the image Bank

Kostroma authorities intend to apply to the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation with a question about the need to support regions in building a school boarding schools, where they could live with children who are far from home to study, said the regional administration on Wednesday.

The question on necessity of construction of boarding schools to accommodate children from remote communities was discussed during a visit by the head of the region Sergei Sitnikov Vokhomsky secondary school. To date, there are 630 children, not only from Vohma, but also from other settlements of the district are quite remote.

«My deep conviction that boarding schools needed. It is convenient and safe. They require us, because the transportation of children more than 20 miles — just dangerous. I will contact the Ministry of education to rural areas was provided for the construction of residential complexes to the children on Mondays could come here to learn, to be in control,» said Sitnikov, instructing to prepare a corresponding letter to the Department of education and science of Kostroma region.

The Governor stressed that the boarding school is also an opportunity for children to remain in group of the prolonged day in the gym, groups and sections.

The school building at 850 seats located in three-storey stone building. Here are 33 study rooms, sports and training halls, library and information centre and school canteen. All students Vokhomsky school are active in sports. Due to the Federal project to create conditions for physical training and sports in rural schools, the establishment of a renovated sports hall and purchased outdoor equipment. For 2014-2015 has allocated 4.8 million rubles, informed the authorities.

Among the pupils of the school — 57 children with disabilities, they are trained in adapted educational programmes.

«The school is actively working children the veterans’ organization «Living flame» is the Timur movement. School-based organized activities of creative associations «Inspiration» detachment «yuid.Traffic light», sports club «Leader» children’s Association «Youth», «Home», «Friendship», in which participate all the students», — is spoken in the message of regional administration.