Lavrov said that the political system in the United States has failed

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The current political situation in the U.S. due to the current electoral system, which, judging by recent discussions, including external intervention, has failed, said Wednesday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

«Unfortunately, the two-party system that the US has, gave, apparently, a failure, as they say, many Democrats and many Republicans,» said Lavrov, speaking at a forum of young diplomats in the framework of the WEF-2018.

He noted that losers in the elections the party refuses to accept the results and «all the forces» trying to find the culprit, but «not inside the United States.»

«Two-stage system, which the US used in the election, she’s not very democratic. Clinton, if you take the vote, received a lot more than Donald trump, but the electors have voted differently,» — said Lavrov.

He recalled that at the time, discussed the injustice of such a system with Condoleezza rice. «She told me: Yes, it is an imperfect system, but you do not climb to us, it’s our problem, we know how to do our business. It turns out that now it is not American business,» — said the Minister.

«Mr. (democratic candidate Bernie) Sanders missed by violating the laws of the United States — nobody talks about it», — said Lavrov.

The investigation of the alleged Russian «intervention» in U.S. elections, and alleged ties of U.S. President Donald trump with the Russian Federation that contradict the White house and the Kremlin, is spectaculorum Robert Mueller, and in both houses of Congress. Russian authorities deny accusations of interference, calling them unsubstantiated.

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Lavrov said that the political system in the United States has failedIV international economic forum