Polina Agureeva will perform the title role in the premiere of «the Master and Margarita»

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in photobacteria Polina Agureeva. Archival photoPolina Agureeva will perform the title role in the premiere of «the Master and Margarita»© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

Star of theatre and film Polina Agureeva will play Marguerite in the play by the famous novel of Mikhail Bulgakov «Master and Margarita», which will premiere at the New stage of Pyotr Fomenko Workshop on Wednesday, reported the press service of the theatre.

Agureeva will perform in the premiere of «the Master and Margarita» in two ways: actress – she’s starred and co — directed by Fyodor Malyshev, who is also an actor «Workshop» and in this play plays the cows. Together they created this show.

For Malysheva «the Master and Margarita» is the third directorial work. He made his debut with a solo performance of «Funny man» on a story by Dostoevsky, and then put carnival menippea «…Souls» by Gogol. And now a play based on Bulgakov’s novel, a genre which is defined as «the Moscow coven in two parts with one exposure.»

«It was a great temptation to cover the whole novel, but, of course, had to be cut, because all is impossible, — told RIA Novosti the kid. — The construction of the novel of Bulgakov, I think, is eclectic. There are a lot of different topics – spiritual, we call it conditionally, the fantastic – mystical and romantic lyric. It was very important to save this building. Everything is happening simultaneously – I was trying to make in the tissues of the performance there was a feeling that there is no past and present, that everything happens simultaneously, as in the novel».

According to the Director, the main emphasis in the play on the Margarita. «Because this story about how hard it is to keep love and true faith in creativity. It is very difficult and, at times, need to sell my soul to the devil to keep it real in this fake world,» — said Malyshev.

All, according to the Director, is in Moscow – not the one that wrote Bulgakov, not today, and in Moscow in General. As said Woland, «Moscow has changed, and people are all the same…» To the question, is it difficult to work with two Directors, Malyshev admitted that it is difficult, but stressed that he and Pauline «in one way, but everyone feels and sees it very differently. It turned out – agreed, it was impossible – someone inferior».

Together with the Directors worked on the production: set design and light – Vladislav Frolov, the author of the costumes – famous artist Pavel Kaplevich, plastic — Natalia Serganova.

The cast: Polina Agureeva, Thomas Mockus, Alex Golubkov, Galina Kashkovskaya, Dmitry Zakharov, Dmitry Rudkov, Igor voynarovsky, Fyodor Malyshev, Vladimir Toporov, Pavel Yakovlev, Vladimir Svirsky, A. Antsiferov, Mikhail Krylov, Ivan Riding and others.