Premiere week: «Predator», «Girl» and «Temporary difficulties»

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A new version of the legendary franchise, «Predator», Russian drama «Temporary difficulties» with Ivan Okhlobystin and Rinal by Muhametova starring Western Comedy «Maid» and the crime Comedy «the World belongs to you» will see the Russian audience this week.


Thirty years ago came the first fantastic American movie series «Predator» with Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of the main roles. The film won 366-th place in the list of 500 best films according to Empire magazine. This was followed by «the Predator-2», «Alien vs Predator», «Predators».

In the new re-imagined version of Director Shane Blake committed carnivores from the depths of space appear in a remote town in the American South Georgia and the hunt begins again. Predators are stronger, smarter and much more dangerous. A team of former soldiers and a Professor, working in evolutionary biology, trying to save humanity from destruction.

Blake is known not only as the author of scenarios of films «Lethal weapon» and «Iron man 3», but also as the actor who played the role of Rick Hawkins classic Thriller 1987 Director John McTiernan. Shane Blake admits that for him the biggest homage to the original was the careful selection of actors.

Ensemble cast is headed by Boyd Holbrook, who played Quinn McKenna, a former marine, who led the team of veteran soldiers in the fight against a deadly alien. In the role of Predator debuted six-foot parkour master Brian Prince. Its growth in the full costume of the alien is more than two and a half meters. The film also starred: Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn and others

«Thirty years later, it is still a Predator, but in that time he improved. It’s not a remake and not a reimagining of the old story. This is the franchise that you liked, but thirty years later. It is the consequences of what happened. That’s what happened all those thirty years. They are even more worse – they have evolved»,– quotes the words of the film’s producer John Davis, the press service of the film company «Twentieth century Fox».

The film was shot in Canada, in Vancouver and its surrounding areas mostly at night, because the night is associated with fear, and the Director wanted to combine in his film fiction Thriller with the Thriller.

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«Temporary difficulties»

The premiere of the film Michael Raskhodnikova «Temporary difficulties» by Rinal Muhametov («Attraction») and Ivan Okhlobystin («Down house», the TV series «Interns») in the lead roles took place in the competitive program of «Kinotavr -2018», the picture was also presented in competition of the international film festival in Salento, Italy. The film is based on the true story of a business coach, marketer Arcadia Zucker, prototype of the hero muhametova Sasha Queen, which is a congenital disease, cerebral palsy. The boy’s father (ohlobystin) chose what seemed to him the only right way to put him back on his feet — to treat him as a healthy person: «You’re not sick — you have temporary difficulties». The boy coped with the disease, but hated his father. After graduation, he became a top business consultant of the country from the crisis brought hundreds of companies. And once a new order gives him an unexpected opportunity to get even with his father.

At Kinotavr Russian critics disliked the drama, many found it too far-fetched and cruel to people with disabilities.

© Enjoy Movies (2018) scene from the trailer for «Temporary difficulties»Premiere week: «Predator», «Girl» and «Temporary difficulties»© Enjoy Movies (2018) scene from the trailer for «Temporary difficulties»

Frivolous Western brothers Nathan and David Sellerof talks about pedant Samuel to Robert Pattinson, which is absolutely not adapted to the harsh world of the Wild West: he doesn’t know how to drink whiskey and can’t even go into a saloon, not entangled in the strap from the guitar. Young man looking for his kidnapped fiancée Penelope (MIA wasikowska), and persuades him to help the unfortunate missionary-preacher Henry (David Zellner). However, this story is not as simple as it seems.

«Virgin» was shown in Berlin and at Sundance, but the picture of the prizes not received. According to Western critics, the film is beautifully shot, and nicely animates the Western genre with a good dose of humor and unexpected plot twists, but the viewer he may seem a little slow.

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«The world belongs to you»

In the original criminal Comedy from Romain Gavras, Karim Leclou playing modest and shy drug dealer Francois, who completely decayed under the thumb of their mothers-a con performed by the legendary Isabelle Adjani, delicately devastating best boutiques France, passionately was fond of gambling and skillfully manipulating all around. But the young man dreams of a legitimate business and a quiet life on the ocean with my girlfriend. However, to pull off the last big Scam, he still will have to ask for help to mom and recently imprisoned thief who are keen on conspiracy theories, played by Vincent Cassel.

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