Roskomnadzor has promised to check the clip Ibiza in the event of his appearance in the media

The frame of the clip Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov IbizaRoskomnadzor has promised to check the clip Ibiza in the event of his appearance in the media

Roskomnadzor will analyze for distribution of materials with profanity, if the clip of Philip Kirkorov and Nikolai Baskov for the song Ibiza will appear in the editorial content of the media until he was released on YouTube, which was media is not, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Department.

Humorous clip Baskov and Kirkorov about their alleged feud, appeared on YouTube on September 8 and gathered over the weekend, more than 5.8 million views. The video also starred musician Sergei Shnurov, a singer Valery Leontev, the TV presenter Andrey Malakhov and showman Garik Kharlamov.

General Director MIA «Russia today» Dmitry Kiselev told RIA Novosti on Wednesday that «the clip is filmed freely, without the traditional channels of editorial restrictions and the flagrant violation of the requirements of Roskomnadzor on vocabulary».

The press service of Roskomnadzor at the request of RIA Novosti noted that in accordance with its powers, the Agency «monitors the performance requirements on the prohibition of the use of profanity in the materials was the mass media», this prohibition is contained in article 4 of the law «On mass media». However, the Department also said that YouTube (where this clip is hosted) was the media is.

«In the case of the placement of the clip in editorial media, Roskomnadzor will be carried out appropriate analysis, including for distribution of materials containing foul language», — said the press service of the RCN.

«The contents of music videos in the powers of Roskomnadzor not included», — said the Agency.