SUEK in the 2018-2023 yy may invest in the far East about 50 billion rubles

© Photo : press service of JSC «SUEK»the Opening of the reconstructed processing module mine Taldinskaya-Zapadnaya-1, OAO SUEK-KuzbassSUEK in the 2018-2023 yy may invest in the far East about 50 billion rubles© Photo : press service of JSC «SUEK»

SUEK in the years 2018-2023 plans to invest in the far East about 50 billion rubles, told reporters the main beneficiary of the company Andrey Melnichenko on the sidelines of the Eastern economic forum.

«Over the last ten years SUEK has invested in the far East of 50 billion rubles of investments in the horizon to 2024, following a six-year, we are about the same numbers we see. First is the expansion of the transshipment capacity, mainly in the Khabarovsk territory. Just today an agreement was signed with the leadership of the region, is an extension to more than 40 million tons of our transshipment complex. The second story that need funds, this increased the transshipment capacity to Find. Well, actually, the development of production. To date, we have approved a project on «Urgaluglja» up to 10 million tons, look at the possibility of up to 15 (million tons — ed.). Taken together, this 50 billion rubles,» — said Melnichenko.

He said that the company «Urgalugol ‘» in the Khabarovsk region have now implemented the project to increase coal production from 6.5 million to 10 million tons.

«Now we have launched a new section — the right Bank, a few increase the capacity of the processing plant. We are planning some 10 million tonnes, 8 million tonnes of enrichment. So in the next year and a half we’re done. And as I said, the next stage on the «Engauge» can be increasing production to 15 million tons, but this has a lot to do with the possibility of export corridors to the East,» — said Melnichenko.

Fourth Eastern economic forum will be held at the site of the far Eastern Federal University campus on the Russian island on September 11-13. MIA «Russia today» is the General information partner of the WEF.