The Amur region will be the use of bituminous materials «Gazprom oil»

© Photo : press-service «Gazprom oil»in the Amur region, the WEF has agreed to use bituminous materials Gazprom NeftThe Amur region will be the use of bituminous materials «Gazprom oil»© Photo : press-service «Gazprom oil»

. Amur oblast East economic forum (WEF) in Vladivostok agreed to use in the region bituminous materials PJSC «Gazprom oil», according to the government of the Amur region.

«The agreement with PJSC «Gazprom Neft». Under the agreement, provided: scientific research and laboratory testing in the quality control of the applied bituminous materials and asphalt mixtures on construction objects, reconstruction and repair of roads in Amur region», — stated in the message.

The agreement provides for the implementation of the results of research activities in the field of development and application of innovative materials for the construction, maintenance and repair of motor roads in Amur region, monitoring the condition of roads and utilities. The parties also discussed technical and service support when using lubricants.

As explained elected Governor of the Amur region, Vasily Orlov, whose words are included in the release, in the region there are problems with the purchase of bitumen: in season the price rises significantly, but purchasing in advance is impossible due to problems with delivery and lack of storage capabilities.

«The agreement will allow to develop a single flat rate and considerably will simplify procedure of delivery», — the press service quoted Orlov.

As noted by the regional government, high-quality bitumen materials are especially needed for the development of the road network. The length of Federal roads in the Amur region — 1494,3 kilometers from the regional 5755,5 kilometers. All Federal roads, as well as 1022,2 kilometers of regional roads have an asphalt concrete pavement.

«The strategic importance of the transport corridors of the Amur region, linking Russia with the countries of Asia, defines increased requirements to the level of development of the road network. «Gazprom Neft», as the local market leader of innovative bitumen products are able to meet the needs of the region in high quality traditional grades of bitumen, as well as in unique products, adapted to the climatic characteristics of the region. Together with the government of the Amur region, we will create effective solutions for transport infrastructure, which will allow you to build high-quality and durable roads», — cited the press service of «Gazprom oil» the words of the Chairman of the company Alexander Dyukov.

Repair, reconstruction and construction of roads in the Amur region there were 40 enterprises. The need for bitumen on regional roads in 2018 amounted to 9.7 thousand tons.

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