The analyst made a forecast for the second rounds of elections of heads of regions

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The chances of winning in the second round of the gubernatorial election have the acting head of Primorye Andrey Tarasenko, who scored at least half of the votes; incumbent Governor of Khakassia Victor Zimin, who lost in the first round, the Communist Valentin Konovalov, they are minimal, the head of Fund «the Petersburg policy» Michael Vinogradov.

In the single voting day September 9, direct election of the heads of the 22 regions of Russia, deputies of legislative bodies of the 16 regions and about 5 thousand elections to bodies of local self-government. The second round of gubernatorial elections should be held in four regions of Russia: Primorye, Khabarovsk region, Vladimir region and Khakassia, where none of the candidates on the voting results have not scored more than half of the votes.

The head of Khakassia Victor Zimin scored of 32.42% of the vote, losing to the candidate from the Communist party Valentin Konovalov, received 44,81%. The acting Governor of the Primorsky territory Andrei Tarasenko 46,56% of the votes in the second round together with it went to the candidate from the Communist party Andrei Ishchenko — he scored 26,63%. In the Khabarovsk territory acting Governor Vyacheslav Shport has slightly inferior to the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Sergey Furgal (35,62% Shport against 35,81% Furgala). In Vladimir oblast acting Governor Svetlana Orlova received 36,42% of the votes, her rival candidate from LDPR Vladimir Sipiagin scored 31,19%. In the gubernatorial elections in Russia used a majoritarian electoral system where the winning candidate must receive at least 50% + 1 vote.

«Technically, the odds of winning in the second round have higher Tarasenko in Primorsky Krai, but he will have to change the style of communication, including the elites, who become one of his problems. He is ready for it or not, the question. As for Zimin in Khakassia, to me they (the odds) seem to be minimal. According to Orlova — given the fact of the irritation that it caused the local elites — it is also difficult to imagine that she’ll be crushed,» said Vinogradov, answering the question about the chances of victory of the incumbent heads of the regions.

According to the expert, in the Khabarovsk region, the situation is ambivalent, as the Federal centre «a lot of questions for a potential mate».

The expert believes it is unlikely that someone from candidates on a post of heads of regions will resign before the holding of the second round.

«We know that Zimin said today that he will not do this. But I guess it’s a matter of design. On the one hand, it is obvious that a lot of the potential winners of the gubernatorial election is technical candidates. On the other hand, exclude them from participation (second round) is also impossible,» — said Vinogradov.

He added that the figure rivals the acting heads of the regions little known, and, in his opinion, no one expected to win, including themselves.