The defense believes the verdict to the former state Duma Deputy Bessonov unreasonable

© Fotolia / sebraСтатуэтка goddess of justice Themis. Archival photoThe defense believes the verdict to the former state Duma Deputy Bessonov unreasonable© Fotolia / sebra

Attorney Michael Tkachuk called the unfounded conviction of a former state Duma Deputy Vladimir Bessonov, who was sentenced to 3 years in prison for beating police officers.

On Wednesday, the Kirov court of Rostov-on-don Bessonov sentenced to 3 years in a General regime colony and declared it in Federal search.

«The verdict is unjust and unreasonable. The arguments of the court are contradictory and strained,» — said the lawyer of the defendant journalists. He said that one of the prosecution witnesses showed that the victims were beaten and other unidentified persons. «As the court differentiated between the strikes is unclear,» — said the defender. In addition, according to him, the court did not accept the testimony of the two deputies.

The decision on whether to appeal the sentence, will be made after coordinating their positions with relatives Bessonova, said the lawyer.

According to investigators, in December 2011 Bessonov in Rostov-na-Donu organized inconsistent rally with more than 100 participants, and the requirement of police to stop the action member and the other organizers refused. According to investigators, after the attempts of the police to independently disable sound equipment meeting participants, including Bessonova, gave them a fight.

The victims in the case were recognized as two police officers. The maximum punishment under article «violence against a representative of authorities» — 10 years of imprisonment. Bessonov himself has repeatedly denied the accusations and said he intends to seek criminal prosecution of police officers who, in his opinion, have no jurisdiction.

In 2015, the case was transferred to the Kirov district court of Rostov-on-don, however from-for absences of the defendant on 28 October 2015, the court changed the measure of restraint Bessonova from recognizance not to leave on arrest and declared him wanted. The proceedings were suspended. At the beginning of December 2017 at the request of the Prosecutor, the court resumed its proceedings in accordance with article of the criminal procedure code providing for the trial in absentia.